Gauteng BP

The Gauteng Schools’ Debating Board runs the Gauteng BP tournament annually.

What is British Parliamentary Debating?
BP is a style of debating with 4 teams of 2 speakers: two teams on Government bench (the proposing teams) and two teams on Opposition bench, fighting it out for the coveted first rank spot.

With only half the prep time, double the number of teams and some intriguing motions, you’re guaranteed to have heaps of fun (and maybe even learn something).

Who can participate?
Anyone from Grade 7 to Grade 12!
Simply find a partner who you would like to speak with (you don’t have to be from the same school or even from the same Province) & come join the fun. There is only space for 50 teams, so make sure you register today!

Friday 26th to Sunday 28th June 2015
Registration will start at 15:30pm
Fourways High School, Johannesburg
R400 per team OR R200 per team if you bring a GSDB approved adjudicator
* Several scholarship positions are available for eligible students *

Go to to register.